We’re on a mission to provide you with more time to focus on your people, purpose, and passions by matching you with talented and trustworthy US-based virtual assistants.

- kristie c.

“My inbox was a weight that cost insane amounts of time, energy and focus. Many people don't think about the impact that simply skimming subject lines can have on your focus and ability to lead. VAUSA® takes care of it so I can focus where my skills have the greatest impact.”

  1. We prioritize our people over our profit.
  2. Our purpose is to use our business as a ministry.
  3. Our passion is using our God-given gifts to serve others.

In 2018, Mary Elaine and Brett Baker co-founded VAUSA® after experiencing the benefits of time freedom when Mary Elaine became a virtual assistant. As a military couple, they appreciated the flexibility that remote work provided, allowing Mary Elaine to balance her work and family life while easily adapting to the frequent changes of military life. Mary Elaine's experience working with entrepreneurs and connections with military spouses highlighted the need for a platform that could connect clients and virtual assistants, build trust, and facilitate effective collaboration. Thus, VAUSA® was created to offer the gift of time freedom to both its clients and team.

In light of the owners’ faith, VAUSA® exists to bring glory to God and share His truth with its clients, contractors, and community by serving them according to principles that honor and glorify Him.

Since 2018, we've changed lives by helping hundreds of clients and virtual assistants gain more time to focus on their people, purpose, and passions by creating thriving working relationships all across the United States.

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