Mary Elaine and Brett experienced what most young military families experience—a stressful life of uncertainty and oftentimes, chaos. After Brett's 9th combat deployment Mary Elaine longed for a change of pace for their family. She desired a better work-life balance and a way to be more present for her children since their father was absent so much of the time. What she found in her job search was an opportunity to work from home as a virtual assistant. They both decided it was worth exploring.

Mary Elaine and Brett Baker are the co-founders of VAUSA™. The two met over ten years ago in Savannah, Georgia, when Brett was on active duty with the U.S. Army’s 1st Ranger Battalion. A few years later they were married with two young children. A typical military family, Mary Elaine worked in a demanding profession as an elementary school teacher, Brett deployed frequently, and together they struggled to balance often competing priorities.

Our Story

We are VAUSA™ and we are America's Choice™ for Delegation.

The change in their home life was immediate. Soon Mary Elaine discovered that the freedom to work remotely allowed her to thrive in other areas of her life. It didn't take long after that for them to realize how this new career was ideal for military families in general. The seed was planted to take this newfound freedom and share it with their friends and community.

Patriot Advantage was established in January 2018, and since then they have served clients across the country. Their team has grown to become a powerful force of over 80% military spouses with remarkable talents who are determined to thrive in their careers and in service to their clients.

In 2020 Mary Elaine and Brett decided that a new name for the growing company was needed.

Our Team

Retired full-time Georgia Air Guard member living contentedly taking regular naps and spending time with his grandchildren. Enjoys reading the newspaper and sipping his coffee in quiet solitude. Wearing fedoras since before it was cool.

Executive Advisor

Lawrence Eaddy

Retired Army Ranger and top private chef (to wife & 2 kids). Believes that fishing is always the answer and real men wear aprons.

Vice President + Co-founder

Brett Baker

Military brat turned military spouse. Prefers chips over sweets any day. Does not enjoy cooking yet is an amateur food critic. Mother of two wildlings and two cats. Slightly obsessed with office supplies and candles.

Chief Vision Officer + Co-Founder

Mary Elaine Baker

Aspiring grown-up that believes leggings really are pants. Mama to four and wife to a man with a glorious beard. Lover of Goldendoodles, books, Oreos, and fine point pens. Closet rapper with a full schedule (always). Needs to meditate more.


Devis Burnam

Self-proclaimed competitive board game player (and champion), avid reader, and proud Navy wife. Living in Tampa, FL with 3 kids, husband & adorable golden corgi.


Emily Humphrey

Wine connoisseur, stand-up comedian, and avid animal lover. Raising her handsome son and wrangling her polar bear of a dog, Lacey and tuxedo kitty, Oreo.

Director of Lasting Impressions

Brooke Boone

Army wife, mama to toddler boy & newborn baby girl! Lover of all things photography. Seeking energy and life through Jesus and all things caffeinated.


Kaitlyn Law

Extroverted Introvert convinced that there’s nothing a good margarita, chips and salsa can’t fix. Mama to a strong-willed little boy and handful of fur babies. Living wherever the Army sends her family, but wishing she was somewhere in the mountains.

onboarding specialist

Ellie Wietholder

Red wine sipper, certified Nespresso barista, mama to a sweet pea baby girl and proud Army & State Trooper wife. Pennsylvania Amish Country resident. Eats way too many oatmeal cream pies and goldfish to be considered an "actual" adult.

executive assistant

Ivy Wille 

Self appointed president of the Cool Mom Club who communicates almost entirely in movie quotes. Has been all around the world but enjoys nothing more than true crime and trash television. 

Jess Filardi 

Director of recruiting