We eliminate the headaches that come along with finding and vetting trustworthy team members.

Gain more time to focus on your people, purpose, and passions.

- seth m.

"Working with VAUSA® has taken a huge burden off our plate, allowing us to explore other ways we could lean on their services to help scale our business.”

Our focus on authentic connection, selfless service, and intentional growth sets us apart from others in the industry and allows us to maintain a passionate and engaged team that is always striving to improve. We consistently apply our values to our work, and our clients live the same values day-to-day.

intentional growth


Authentic Connection

Our values guide and inform our culture, making the VAUSA® Team one-of-a-kind.

- kelley s.

“Not only does my VA care about my business' success, but she cares about me and my well-being. VAUSA® cares about their clients, is intentional in every process, and operates to the highest standard.”

Our passion is using our God-given gifts to serve others.

We prioritize our people over our profit.

Our purpose is to use our business as a ministry.

We set ourselves apart by creating a supportive environment where every client and team member feels valued.

- chad d.

“As a CEO it is very difficult to take a vacation without constant phone calls and emails. Recently, my family and I were able to take a month-long vacation and I was able to fully relax. Our VAUSA® virtual assistants had the ability to manage until I returned!”

Gain more time to focus on your people, purpose, and passions by hiring VAUSA® today.

Time is your most valuable asset. You can’t afford to waste it.

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