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— Stressed because you’re task saturated with precious little time to get it all done,
— Spending the little time that you have doing work that is best left to others,
— Motivated to grow your business, 
— Need more time for your passions, and  
— Want to achieve better work-life balance, then
— You need to delegate, and
— You are in the right place.

if you are:

We use our gifts to serve selflessly with integrity, humility, and kindness.

We seek and nurture authentic connections to build a compassionate community and long-lasting relationships.

We pursue growth intentionally, both personally and professionally.


Who We Serve

Selfless service



We provide administrative, marketing, creative design, and recruiting support services through our team of virtual assistants and other talented professionals, the majority of whom are military spouses.


How We Serve

We serve our clients by giving them back a valuable resource—time. We serve our assistants and our community by offering military spouses and veterans job opportunities in a collaborative environment that promotes work-life balance.


Why We Serve

What makes us different:

— According to DOD military spouses face a 24% unemployment rate and a 25% wage gap compared to their civilian counterparts. Knowing the values, resiliency, and capabilities military spouses offer, we seek to match this underutilized talent pool with entrepreneurs who want to spend more of their valuable time creating and growing their business.

— We provide continuous coaching for our clients and our team as a vital tool for establishing trust and accountability.

— We are veteran and family-owned, operated, and oriented.

— We are 100% based in the United States.

Trusted by

— Kristie Campbell, Firefly Grill


"VAUSA  has helped our family reclaim time and the peace to enjoy it."