Patriot Advantage Advocates for Employment of Military Spouses


Savannah-Based Virtual Staffing Company Announces Fundraising Effort for Hire Heroes USA in Recognition of Military Spouse Day.

Savannah, Ga., May 1 – Since President Ronald Reagan’s proclamation in 1984 the United States has formally recognized the unselfish contributions of military spouses to the well-being of their families and the general welfare of their communities, an event now celebrated on the Friday preceding Mother’s Day.  This year the event is on May 8th, 2020.  Patriot Advantage, a Savannah-area based virtual staffing company that hires primarily military spouses, is proud to recognize these silent heroes and to advocate for military spouse employment as a meaningful way of honoring their service.

According to the Department of Defense military spouses face a 24 percent unemployment rate and a 25 percent wage gap compared to their civilian counterparts, despite being well educated and highly qualified for a range of careers.  Seventy-seven percent of these spouses want or need work, yet frequent relocation is often a barrier to finding and maintaining a rewarding career.

Brett Baker, a former Army Ranger based at Hunter Army Airfield, and his wife Mary Elaine Baker, a former Chatham County school teacher, started Patriot Advantage in 2018 in response to their experiences as a military family.  Recognizing the values, resiliency and capabilities military spouses possess and the opportunities afforded by the digital economy, their business model matches this tremendous talent pool of individuals who often need to work remotely with entrepreneurs who seek to spend more of their valuable time creating and growing their business.  “We think matching people who know what it means to serve with people who know what it means to create doesn’t just make for better business, it makes for better lives,” said Mary Baker.

Patriot Advantage invites businesses and individuals to celebrate Military Spouse Day and the special people it honors by supporting Hire Heroes USA, a premier non-profit that provides free one-on-one career assistance services to U.S. military members, veterans, and military spouses.  To learn more about Hire Heroes USA’s programs and services for military spouses, or to contribute, visit

Patriot Advantage was rebranded as VAUSA in July, 2020.


January 29, 2021


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