How A Nonprofit Can Benefit from a Virtual Assistant


When donors or sponsors give to your cause, they want to know that every dollar is used effectively. At VAUSA we’ve seen firsthand how our assistants further the mission of their nonprofit clients by relieving them of repetitive work, improving internal and external communication, and increasing awareness of the organization’s mission. 

Administrative Tasks

While necessary, few things can stifle nonprofit managers’ passion for their cause more than hours upon hours spent doing tedious administrative work.  Delegating to a VA the management of your calendar and email allows you the freedom to focus on the core tasks of your nonprofit. Because our assistants are masters of organization, they can also keep your work processes flowing smoothly. For example, we all know the frustration of hunting for a certain document that isn’t where it belongs.  Having a well-designed shared filing system in place increases productivity.  When you’re ready to send a donor a charitable receipt or a customized thank-you letter, the documents you need should be in the right place. 


Nonprofits succeed based on a team effort — from board members to volunteers to donors.  Communicating with all of your stakeholders can quickly become an overwhelming challenge. To lighten the load a VA can coordinate individual availability and schedule meetings. Our nonprofit clients often delegate to their assistants the task of keeping both volunteers and members informed about important events and activities. When a need or question arises the stakeholders are already knowledgeable about the organization and know who to contact for more information. In addition to managing email, a VA can prepare handwritten thank-you notes and cards expressing encouragement and congratulations, adding that personal touch that keeps people engaged. 

Increased Awareness and Marketing

It’s not too simplistic to say that if your audience doesn’t hear from you, they’ll forget you! To bring vital awareness to their cause, nonprofit organizations must have an effective online presence both through their website and social media.  Our assistants have the skills to manage these tools to increase your audience and funding.  Our nonprofit clients capitalize on opportunities to highlight sponsors and donors, host online events, and promote online fundraising campaigns such as Giving Tuesday by taking advantage of VA services. Our VAs who work with nonprofits also use email marketing platforms like MailChimp to send monthly newsletters and fundraising updates. Many platforms even offer discounted rates to nonprofit organizations. 

As a veteran-owned small business that recruits heavily from military spouses, we at VAUSA understand the value of service to others, and we’re committed to helping our nonprofits succeed.  Are there aspects of your organization’s day-to-day management that could use some attention? A VA can focus on these areas and lighten your load so you can apply your talents where they have the most impact.


August 17, 2021


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