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Spring has sprung! While spring cleaning is a tradition usually meant for the home, we recommend you expand the tradition to include your workspace, too. Here are four work-related areas that could use some sprucing up at least once a year, and what better time to start than now? 1. Organize Your Emails – Yes, […]

4 Work-Related Areas to Include in Your Spring Cleaning

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Determined to make the most of 2022? VAUSA® recommends to our clients and assistants three common-sense strategies for accomplishing goals in the new year—or whenever you choose to create them. Let’s go! 1. Plan With Intention. The old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” remains a useful guide. Experts suggest writing […]

3 Key Strategies To Accomplish Goals In 2022

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When donors or sponsors give to your cause, they want to know that every dollar is used effectively. At VAUSA we’ve seen firsthand how our assistants further the mission of their nonprofit clients by relieving them of repetitive work, improving internal and external communication, and increasing awareness of the organization’s mission.  Administrative Tasks While necessary, […]

How A Nonprofit Can Benefit from a Virtual Assistant

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The 21st century has really become the age of social media. Along with that comes social media marketing; from building your network, growing your client base, and advertising or selling a product – there are many considerations to fine-tuning the practice.  Keep reading for 3 tips for making your social media marketing efforts the most […]

3 Tips for Social Media Marketing

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Not everyone is content to live off of service member’s pay alone. Military spouses want to make money and many service members want to make additional income. People want a better quality of life and are willing to do the work to make more money but how do you do it? A growing path to […]

Military Money Show – Making Money as a Virtual Assistant

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Trying to navigate a career as a military spouse is tough! But having your own thing is possible! In today’s episode, we chat with Mary Elaine Baker, a military spouse veteran who chose to leave her teaching career for a better work-life balance. She became a virtual assistant and eventually created VAUSA, a company that […]

The MilSpouse Mastermind Podcast – How To Find Time Freedom & Flexibility as a Military Spouse

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Email is both an essential business tool and a burden if not actively managed. Left unattended, inboxes have a way of filling up with both important messages and spam. Oftentimes when clients come to us, they’ve completely given up on managing their email because it has gotten so full and disorganized that they don’t know […]

How to Manage Your Email Effectively

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“There’s just not enough time in the day” is a common phrase heard in many households, especially this past year. Thanks to stay-at-home orders, schools teaching virtually, and businesses relying on remote workers, only so many tasks can fit into each day. While the extra time with our families has been a (mostly) welcome side […]

Delegation: Five Tasks You Can Hand Off To Your Virtual Assistant Today

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During the summer of 2020 Erin had her first baby. Her desire to stay home with Violet and watch her grow grew stronger with each passing day. Erin looked high and low for the perfect “work from home” career.  While scrolling through Facebook one day Erin noticed an ad that her friend had reposted about […]

A Day in the Life of Erin – Virtual Assistant to a Beekeeper

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Balance: to bring into harmony or proportion. Isn’t that what we all strive for in our lives? I’m fortunate to be a work-at-home mom, and I’d like to share with you a little about how I got here and some tips for creating work-life balance. It’s important to note that achieving balance between work and […]

Creating Work-Life Balance as a Work-at-Home-Mom

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